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Guest Blogging

Blogging photo by Kaboompics.comA static website is a dead website. Search engines aren’t interested in sites that don’t have content change, and viewers won’t come back if there’s nothing new to see.

Fortunately, keeping a website dynamic is not that difficult. One of the best ways is to maintain a blog. Not does a good blog draw traffic to your site, it shows that your company is active.

And by writing about what you know best—your business—you will keep people interested in your products and services.

As described in “How to Create a Guest Posting Strategy that Works,” guest blogging is also a great technique. Having a guest blog post improves SEO scores through links and creates community goodwill through collaboration. You can even cross-blog, where you and a partner post on each other’s sites. To learn more about guest blogging, see “The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging” by Syed Balkhi.

If you have a blog but can’t find the time to maintain it, Orange Text provides professional blog services to keep content flowing with tags and categories for SEO boosts. Contact us today!

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