Facebook to Be Translated to Inuktut

Three days ago, the Orange Text blog reported that Inupiaq had been added as an interface language on Facebook. Yesterday, Global News issued an article saying that Facebook looking for Inuktut speakers to add that language to its repertoire as of today, which is Nunavut Day. Inupiaq and Inuktut are two varieties of Inuit, as shown by the following Wikipedia graphic:

Inuktitut Dialect Map

Inuit is a group of closely related but different languages. What is shown as Qawiaraq and Inupiatun in the graphic, primarily in the Alaska part, are part of the Inupiaq grouping, and according to the Wikipedia article on Inuktitut, Inuktut (the language to be translated) is a collective term for Inuktitut and Inuinnaqtun, which contradicts the Global News article.

The article also reports that the standard Inuktut writing system will not be used.

Graphic courtesy of Wikipedia. Required attribution: By Asybaris01 – File:Inuktitut_dialect_map.png, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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