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Inupiaq Added as a Facebook Interface Language

According to a Quora response in 2016, Facebook has 142 interface languages. Even though that list includes upside-down English (the letters are turned upside down), Pirate English (ho, matey!) and dialects such as Chilean and Colombian Spanish varieties, that’s still an incredible number.

As reported in The Morning Brief, when Myles Creed wanted to add Inupiaq, he realized that crowdsourcing the job of translating the thousands of Facebook phrases was just not efficient. So he got a grant to engage two professional Inupiaq translators.

One of the translators, Muriel Gail Hopson, describes how she composed the word for the verb “to unfriend” by adding suffixes meaning “not want to be ~ anymore” to the end of “avilaitqan,” the Inupiaq word for “friend.”

Through efforts such as these, translators and linguists are helping to improve people’s lives.

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