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Another Translated Novel from Award-Winning Frank Wynne

Frank Wynne is an award-winning literary translator of Ireland. With the Twitter handle of Terribleman and a website with a matching URL, he has more than 20 literary translations to his name (see the Wikipedia article on him) from both French and Spanish to English.

In 2008, he won the Scott Moncrieff Prize, an award for French-English translations having literary merit, for his translations “Holiday in a Coma” (Vacances dans le coma) and “Love Lasts Three Years” (L’amour dure trois ans) by Frédéric Beigbeder. He repeated this feat by winning the prize again in 2015 for his translation of “Harraga” (meaning a North African who attempts to migrate illegally to Europe) by Boualem Sansal.

Even more amazing than this pair of awards is that, between winning those accomplishments, he won the Premio Valle-Inclán twice for translations from Spanish to English. The first time was for “Kamchatka” (title unchanged) by Marcelo Figueras and the second was for “The Blue Hour” (La hora azul) by Alonso Cueto.

He has also been shortlisted twice for the Man Booker International Prize, one from French and the other from Spanish.

As per The Irish Times, his translation of “Vernon Subutex 2” from the French by Virginie Despentes was released today. We wish him continued success in a glorious career.

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